I'm Ready!

Are you ready to attract your dream relationship without repeating the same patterns from your past?


like you? 



You don't meet anyone you're interested in romantically


You think dating apps are weird


You keep repeating the same patterns over and over again in relationships


Dating feels hard so you end up not dating at all  


You're afraid to get hurt again in a relationship


You secretly fear you'll never find love 


You think a course like this is weird/desperate 


You keep attracting the wrong men 


 What if you could have the relationship of your dreams?


Imagine waking up to a loving partner that you trust and adore


Imagine being confident in yourself, no matter what others’ say


Imagine being so clear on how to show up in relationships that dating feels easy and fun


Imagine finally being in the relationship you deserve without the fear of repeating past patterns


I've been exactly where you are...


I was scared, lonely, and always in on-again-off-again relationships, or not in a relationship at all. I had no idea how to get out of the cycle.

I tried everything. Therapy, coaching, trauma work, seminars, books… a lot of books, energy healers, the list goes on.

After years of deep internal work, I finally learned a way of healing and personal growth that ACTUALLY changed my relationships.

It’s now my turn to give back: to teach you the exact step-by-step process that brought me to where I am today.

My goal is to help you have deep internal peace and external freedom in relationships.

How am I going to help you do this?


I've been a Matchmaker and Life Coach for over 9 years. Through working with thousands of clients, I learned how to combine the science of attraction with somatic reprogramming to help my clients heal the relationship they have with themselves in order to attract healthier, and more loving relationships.


Through deeply understanding your human psychology, past, relationship to yourself, confidence, authenticity, trauma, and self-love, I will help you attract the relationships you deserve.





FoundLove is an 8-week, online, live group-coaching program designed to help you attract your dream relationship through becoming the most confident, self-loving, version of yourself.


By healing your past trauma, learning who you truly are, and rewiring your nervous system for confidence and authenticity, FoundLove will help you attract real love.


Week One

How To Attract The Right Partner For You

We will cover: 

The secret to what is blocking you from attracting the love you crave

The Real Love Method : How to re-wire your childhood conditioning for real love

What your relationship with yourself is right now and how to begin attracting your aligned relationship

Week Two

How To Stop Repeating Unhealthy Patterns in Relationships

We will cover:

Attachment wounding and how it's blocking your dream relationships

How to HEAL your attachment wounding for good

Daily practices to rewire your attachment wounds so that relationships and life feel safe instead constantly triggering 

Week Three

Re-wiring your Brain for Real Love

We will cover: 

Realizing we’ve all had trauma + Realizing what your core traumas were + what your patterns are now because of it

Why you’re attracted to who you’re attracted to BECAUSE of your trauma

Moving forward without your past

Week Four

How To  Overcome Past Relationships, And Open Your Heart To Love, Without The Fear of Getting Hurt Again

We will cover:

How to become the most authentic, and best version of yourself

Creating your new 'Higher Self' life

Becoming the person you have been hoping for


Week Five

How to know, with  100% certainty, that you  will attract the  love of your life

We will cover:

The 'Must Have' Method to help you finally get clear on your dream partner

6 core human needs that drive all human behavior and how to date using this skill

How to attract emotionally available partners


Week Six

Confidence in Dating & Relationships

What we will cover:

How to BE the person you know you're meant to be

How to show up authentically confident 

How to re-wire your nervous system for consistent internal safety and self-love


Week Seven

The Art & Science of Authentic Attraction

What we will cover:

How to be a magnetically attractive energy while dating

Understanding the opposite sex

What a conscious man feels like and what he's looking for in a partner

Week Eight

How To Know Who The Right Partner Is For You and Who Isn't The Right Partner

What we will cover:

How to embody the energy to attract your true, dream, aligned, relationship

How to manifest your dream relationship 

Giving & Receiving Method



Weekly Group Coaching Calls

8 weeks of group coaching and guidance from me. Each week, we will be going through a certain topic to help you re-wire your brain for love

Group coaching gives you the opportunity to connect with other members and heal together, rather than alone, and learn from each others experience.

Weekly homework from Nora

At the end of every call you'll be given 'homeowrk', which is an action item, that will help you integrate the information you learn on the call to help you heal and transform the relationship you have with yourself.

Lifetime Access

You'll have access to all of the recordings for the calls we hold along with lifetime access to all bonuses, and extra trainings I release in the future for this program.

Private WhatsApp messaging with me

You will have access to my private phone number, where you can message me questions / blocks / fears / about what is coming up for you during the program. I will coach you  through these blocks via messaging and voice memos

Accountability Buddy 

You will be matched with a member of the program to meet and support another like-minded woman on a similar journey as you



I felt as if Nora helped me become my own coach — I am more clear, more resilient than ever before. My entire life has honestly changed. 


There is a certain intuitive compassion that Nora carries that makes her an incredible coach. Anyone can learn self development tools, but to be a good coach requires this more esoteric skill that Nora has mastered. It is rare to find someone as good as Nora and I am so grateful for the incredible life change she helped facilitate.


I would HIGHLY recommend working with Nora, period. I don't even know where to begin in explanation of how Nora changed my life. She is the real deal. 

Are you ready to finally... 


Attract real, healthy, and open love?



FoundLove is designed to help you attract your dream relationship through becoming the most confident, self-loving, version of yourself


By healing your past trauma, learning about who you truly are, and rewiring your nervous system for confidence and authenticity, FoundLove will help you attract the relationship you've been hoping for.

 What you will receive...

✓ 8 X Live Group Coaching Calls with Nora


✓ Private WhatsApp Group for the FoundLove Community 


Accountability Buddy to Connect with a New, Like-Minded, Woman on a Similar Journey as You


Access to Message Nora for Support During the Program 


✓Lifetime Access to Call Recordings 


✓ Weekly Homework based on the curriculum


✓ Bonus call with Relationship Expert on what is a Conscious Relationship 


✓ Bonus: Morning + Night Self-love routine
Total Value: $4,998
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Hi babe, I'M NORA! 

I’m a former celebrity Matchmaker turned Life and Relationship Coach. I’ve worked with some of the worlds most successful CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and actors in New York City and Los Angeles. I was features as a relationship expert for ABCLA, Business Insider, and Elite Daily, and after years of coaching,  have created a unique method to help my clients connect with their inner authenticity and confidence. I teach the art of success and fulfillment in life, dating, and business.

I can’t wait to meet you!

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