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Nora is a former celebrity Matchmaker turned Life and Relationship Coach. She has worked with some of the world's most successful CEOs, entrepreneurs, and actors in New York and Los Angeles. Featured as a relationship coach for ABCLA, Business Insider, Yahoo and Elite Daily, Nora has a unique method in helping her clients connect with their inner authenticity and confidence. She teaches the art of connection and personal empowerment in life, dating, and business through her coaching and courses.


"I'm so grateful the growth I have had from working with Nora in 1:1 coaching. I have noticed big changes in myself and have been more okay than ever before to love who I am and the parts that make me - me.

You truly have a gift for not imposing judgement, but helping me heal and move forward and embrace every aspect of life while giving myself compassion through the highs and lows.

You've changed my life."



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