The Apprenticeship: Start & scale your coaching business

Our Guarantee

If you show up to the calls, homework, and modules, and don't sign a client within 3 months, then we will give you a full refund.

xo Nora

Our Proven Process to get your from where you are to where you want to be:

  • Week 1: Creating your unique offer
  • Week 2: The exact steps to start your coaching business
  • Week 3: Supervision Calls
  • Week 4: Integration 
  • Week 5: How to attract clients
  •  Week 6: Sales: How to authentically sign ideal clients
  • Week 7: Supervision Calls
  • Week 8: Integration 
  • Week 9: Overcoming analysis paralysis, what people think of you and perfectionism online.
  • Week 10: Going from coach to successful business owner
  • Week 11: Supervision Calls
  • Week 12: Celebration & Integration 

What People Are Saying:

I met one of my best friends through the Apprenticeship! There is something special about walking through the scary steps of building a business with people who are on the same path.


$1,800.00 USD

3 monthly payments

Your payment information will be stored on a secure server for future purchases


This agreement is made between Nora DeKeyser, & (“Coach”) and ________________ (“Client”). I acknowledge that I take full responsibility for my individual experience and outcome associated with the DeKeyser Company, Inc. and beyond. Under no circumstances will the DeKeyser Company, Inc. be held responsible for my actions or circumstances. Heirs, guardians, legal representatives of the DeKeyser Company, Inc. hereby and forever release, waive, and discharge any claims against the DeKeyser Company, Inc., and any of their associates, affiliates, or family.

I acknowledge and accept that I take full & sole responsibility for myself and all decisions, choices, actions, and results before, during and after the DeKeyser Company, Inc. The  DeKeyser Company, Inc. guarantees that the client will sign one client within the course of the program only if attending all calls with participation, completing all course modules, and homework assigned.


Both parties agree to the following:


By entering this relationship, the Coach and Client acknowledge that the Client wants to make significant progress and change in his/her life and career. The term of this agreement shall begin as of effective date and continue for a period of 12 weeks. This allows the coaching relationship necessary time to develop and progress through objectives, obstacles and successes that occur.


All coaching sessions are conducted by zoom unless otherwise arranged with the Coach. At the scheduled appointment time, the Client agrees to show up on time using the zoom link provided. The Coach and client commit to start and finish each session on time.


The coaching relationship is built on trust. The Coach agrees to keep all conversations and information with the Client private and confidential. No personal ideas, information or thoughts expressed will be shared with anyone except with the permission of the Client. All recordings for Authentic Coaching Academy will be kept on a google drive folder and only members who you start and finish with will have access to the recordings.



If you have shown up to the calls and followed the program and are not getting the results you expected, we will discuss reimbursement and/or additional support to help you. The space which you have agreed to occupy is a highly sought after position. Should you decide at any point past that you no longer wish to participate in  the DeKeyser Company, Inc. to any extent, you do so with the complete awareness that you will not receive compensation of any sort or a refund in any amount, and you are responsible for full payment of the fees for the program regardless if you complete the program.


In accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the Service Provider may create certain intellectual property ("Created IP"), including, but not limited to, plans, drawings, specifications, reports, advice, analyses, designs, methodologies, code, artwork, or any other intellectual property as required to render the provision of Services to the Client. Unless the Parties otherwise agree, any such Created IP generated by the Service Provider in connection with the provision of Services to the Client shall belong to the Client.

Any intellectual property provided by the Client to the Service Provider to assist in the provision of Services, that was not created by Service Provider pursuant to this Agreement, shall belong to the Client. Any ancillary intellectual property belonging to the Service Provider, provided or shown to the Client in any way, that was not created by Service Provider pursuant to this Agreement, shall belong to the Service Provider.


The Client agrees to pay the Service Provider the required Fees, as outlined elsewhere in this Agreement, or located on the invoice/ check out page, for the provision of the Services, subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. A) Invoice Interval: The Service Provider will be entitled to bill the client on a Monthly Recurring Invoice for the total of the program if the client did not choose the upfront option.
  2. B) Invoice Period:

The Client shall be billed automatically based on the payment record he/she/they have on file. 

  1. C) Method of Payment: Service Provider will accept the following forms of payment:

Stripe: Monthly autobill

  1. D) Penalties: If the Client does not pay the invoiced and required amount by the date stated in the invoice or as otherwise provided for in this Agreement, the Service Provider shall be entitled to:
  2. I) Cease performance of the Services completely or until payment is made, at the Service Provider's sole and exclusive discretion.

I have carefully and thoroughly read and understood this agreement. I am aware that with my signature, I am agreeing to and I am legally bound to this agreement form.